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We are Purple Q Crafts, and we Thank you for taking the time to get to know us!

We believe in the power of thanks and recognize that appreciation goes a long way. When we realize the power of appreciation,

we become better people, we outdo the competition and we bring in results that are wilder than we can dream.


Everyone wants to be appreciated, so when you say thanks, you create connection. When you create a connection the consumer returns, and when the consumer returns, you start to grow.

We've cultivated a collection of bags and thank you cards, so that you can give, eventually get, and watch you, and your company grow!


Margret Patterson

Bags are beautiful, and when I was ready to create my own line, they took care of me from start to finish.

Smiling Lady

Jenny R.

I loved the Garden Glow bags! I run a flower shop and when I ran out, a costumer commented!


N. D.

I found Purple Q Crafts last spring.. man , wish I found them sooner 

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