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Poems & Personality 

Poems to express thanks, Poems just for life and fun,

Lets share some Personality a center for everyone! 

Family Christmas

Holiday Thanks 

This Holiday,

I am grateful.

Grateful for the ones in my life,

who help me grow,

keep me together,

and are there for me always.

You are one of them.

G-d bless you.




A Gift 

What is a gift?

What makes it unique?

What makes it treasured?

Something to keep.

What is so special?

What is so dear?

That makes us keep gifting,

year after year?

It's the beauty of the moment,

That we stop and think.

We stop and appreciate,

That it's gone in a blink.

Every single moment, 

Each second of the day,

Are gifts from G-d, 

Being sent our way.

To me you're special,

A gift beyond measure,

I love you always,

Each moment I treasure.






To play, to laugh, to love,

to give, to grow and share.

To make treasured memories,

that we will always share.

Childhood is a gift,

one that went by quick.

My friend back then, my friend today,

together we'll always stick.

Happy Birthday!




Children Playing

Love is Like flour 

Love is just a base

there to give the tools

to help others grow,

it writes its own rules.

Like flour, it's an ingredient,

key to everything,

nothing can ever rise,

without love supporting.

But it writes its own rules,

because the end is never the same,

there's bread, rolls, and loaves,

and so many other names.

When we love and give,

we never know the end.

But it will be so powerful,

if the love we did extend.

So love your fellow, yes,

love your children so.

Love your self too,

and watch you all grow!


Heart Shape
School Bus

A brand new day 

It’s a brand new day.

We have just begun.

A year full of learning,

Growing and fun.


It’s a brand new day.

We have goals set high.

We’ll aim for the stars,

Work hard, and try.


Its brand new day

For you and for me,

Always remembering

To be the best we can be.


It’s a brand new day.

We’ll be nice and we’ll share.

We learn so much together

And have a great new year.





Keyboard and Mouse


I want to say thanks,

for all that you've done,

I have so much to say,

Yet I've just begun.


You go the extra mile,

truly love and care,

you're a person of such virtue,

one that I hold so dear.

No words can suffice,

the appreciation you should receive,

so I'll just say thank you,

Oh yes, from A-Z




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